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High precision measurements at the closing ceremony

Alessandra Buonanno talked about gravitational waves. After explaining that gravitational waves are very weak, she said that the best way to detect them are black holes. That way, she emphasized one of the most important installations to detect gravitational waves: LIGO. In that installation, where there collaborate about 100 organizations all over the world, detection of gravitational waves passing through Earth was achieved, produced by the collision of two black holes.

After the conference on wednesday in Bilbao, the Nobel Prize in Physics Klaus von Klitzing has talked about the new International System of Units (SI) we will have in 2018. "One of the discussions today is that the current kilogram is a prototype” he commented. Therefore, he noted the need to define a new kilogram. "The new kilogram will not affect our daily lives, so we have no reason to worry. It will be a smooth transition and we won´t suffer the changes" he underlined. "Although it seems curious, my Nobel Prize boosted this process" he commented.


Science engaging also for children

The young audience has had the leading role this morning at the Victoria Eugenia theater. Through topics, experiments and stories engaging for these ages, the speakers, popularizers of science and university researchers, have transmitted many concepts of physics, chemistry and biology. This activity has brought together about 50 children under 10 years, who participated willingly whenever they had the opportunity to.

Zientzia Kluba P4K DISCURSHOW

Discurshow about language

The final day of Passion for Knowledge 2016 has begun with the dramatized conference "Sapiens code", a special Naukas Passion. Xurxo Mariño and Vicente Mohedano have offered a funny show, where they lectured on language. Among many other activities, they have played through a song, the birth of a child, and his complaint when his passes through the birth canal because of the size of his head and the narrowness of the pelvis of her mother to walk upright.

26 SEP - 20 NOV
All day

10:00 - 21:00

Photographic Exhibition
> Martin KARPLUS
"Colour of the 50’s"
San Sebastian
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Zientzia Kluba P4K Did you know...

that Passion for Knwoledge 2016 festival has mobilized about 4.000 citizens? An average of 600 people has approached at Victoria Eugenia theatre every day. In addition, about 700 high school students and teacher have had the chance to chat with scientists at the highest level. Meanwhile, the extensive program of outreach activities aimed at the scientific community has brought together more than 50 young doctoral students and postdoctoral. And more than 200 people approached the talks in Bilbao and Bourdeaux. Finally comment that more than 100 interviews have been offered to the media.


An award to the work of DIPC

The European Physical Society (EPS) has presented an award to the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) for its outstanding contribution in the field of condensed matter physics and materials science, as well as for its numerous, successful activities in the outreach and communication of science.

The President Christophe Rossel has presented an official plaque to DIPC. As Pedro Miguel Echenique, President of DIPC, stated, “this recognition from such a prestigious institution like the EPS is a real honour for us, and it encourages us to keep on doing to become a worldwide reference in research and science communication.”

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