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The public programme also includes the Naukas Passion session, organised in collaboration with the popular online scientific communication and dissemination platform Naukas, science, scepticism and humour. Naukas Passion is organised in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country Chair in Scientific Culture.

From Thursday 3 to Saturday 5 October, after the keynote talks, some of Naukas best collaborators will go up on stage in the Victoria Eugenia Theatre to offer the audience their own somewhat quirky take on a range of different scientific issues. The format will be the same as that used in previous popular science events organised by the platform: short, 10-minute talks designed to explain science in a fun and original way.

The cherry on the cake of the Naukas Passion section comes on the final day of the festival, with a very special session. On Saturday 5 October, the audience will be treated to a performance of "‘CARBÓN’ (COAL) a popular science show written by the neuroscientist and educator Xurxo MARIÑO and the comedian and actor Oswaldo DIGÓN.

Entry to all public sessions, including Naukas Passion, will be free access and free of charge until the venue is full, although prior registration is recommended.

All Naukas Passion sessions will be streamed live. Talks will be in Spanish and there will be a simultaneous interpreting service into both Basque and English.

Admission to all the Plenary Lectures is free of charge, however, due to the limited capacity of the venue, prior registration is recommended. The registration form will be published on 5 September.

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