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Ikerbasque Awards

This is the first edition of the awards to women researchers organized by Ikerbasque, and three women at different stages of their scientific career have been awarded: a whole scientific trajectory, the leadership in a field of research and an outstanding contribution of a young researcher.

  Tuesday, 01 OCT
19:30 - 20:30 Ikerbasque Awards imagen ponente

Victoria Eugenia Theatre, San Sebastian


Maia GARCIA VERGNIORY Condensed Matter Physics, Ikerbasque Researcher in the DIPC


Aitziber LÓPEZ-CORTAJARENA Bionanotechnology, Ikerbasque researcher in CIC biomaGUNE

Proteins are the basic molecules of life. This talk goes beyond the concept of proteins in nutrition. We will talk about how proteins are both building blocks and essential active molecules that guarantee the survival of living systems. We will explore the structural and functional diversity of these elementary molecular units and will analyse how proteins are used to build materials with surprising properties, such as spider's webs, how they help catalyse chemical processes that are fundamental to our daily lives and how, moreover, they are the linchpin of new therapies. Finally, we will discuss the mystery of how the same elements can form proteins with very diverse shapes and functions and how we are just beginning to learn how to generate à la carte proteins in our laboratories. We will look at the myriad of possibilities which will open up once we finally crack the 'protein code' and explore the potential of 'protein engineering'.