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On Zientzia is an audiovisual content creation project, focusing mainly on documentary type pieces, in which citizen engagement plays a key role. The competition (which will be held for the 13th time this year) is run by Elhuyar and the DIPC, with the collaboration of Teknopolis, a popular science TV show produced by Elhuyar for the Basque public television network.

The competition aims to produce and disseminate short, original videos on science and technology, thereby fostering outreach in Basque and promoting scientific culture among young people and in the education system. The competition has been running now for twelve years and has generated a collection of over 850 dissemination science videos.

During this edition of Passion for Knowledge festival, a selection of some of the best videos will be screened in different cultural and recreational centres. The aim is to bring science and citizens together in unconventional places using unconventional formats such as urban screens and cultural venues, among others.

For more information, see the project website: