JakinLab - Registration

Family workshop
Venue: Sala Kluba Aretoa (Tabakalera 1st floor)
7th October 5.00pm
Language: Basque
8th October 11.00am?>
Language: Basque
Length:: 120 min
Público: Children aged 6-10
Conditions of Participation: One or two minors per adult (an adult must attend)

The teams building new knowledge are made up of people from different scientific and non- scientific fields. This session sets out to show that behind the everyday elements of life lie different branches of knowledge, and finding out about them can be thrilling. Starting from demonstrations directly related to science to spark our curiosity, we'll combine science and philosophy so that every member of the family can find out things they didn't know, which on the basis of this curiosity will open the doors to philosophical discussion. Discussion is the tool to allow everybody together to construct a new knowledge that emerges from research and reflection.

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